VibraJect R3 Complete Kit

A TitanSKU: 809-VJ2002R3

VibraJect® blocks pain from injections based on the Gate Control theory. The battery operated motor attaches to a conventional syringe causing the needle to vibrate. The high frequency vibration of the needle stimulates the nerve ending and blocks the transmission of pain feelings to the brain. VibraJect® is effective for all types of injections including intraligamental, palatal and blocks. It is an easy and affordable way to simplify injections and improve the patient’s dental experience.


  • Vibration to reduce the pain of routine injections
  • Ergonomic design does not impede procedure
  • Save time by eliminating block injections
  • Treat multiple quadrants in a single visit



  • Titan harmonically-balanced syringe 
  • VibraJect Motor 
  • Syringe Clips 
  • Silicone Sleeves 
  • Rechargeable Batteries 
  • Battery Charger


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