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Poli-Pro Disc Refill 40/PkPoli-Pro Disc Refill 40/Pk
OptiDisc Refill 80/PkOptiDisc Refill 80/Pk
Compo-Strips Refill Pack 6/PkCompo-Strips Refill Pack 6/Pk
Moore Mandrels Refill Pack 6/PkMoore Mandrels Refill Pack 6/Pk
Joy-Gloss Standard Pack 30/Pk
Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System Polishing System
GC Metal Strips 12/PkGC Metal Strips 12/Pk
Polishing Paste Syringes 4gm x 5/Bx
PoGo Refill 40/Pk
Scotch Brite Mini Brush 12/PkScotch Brite Mini Brush 12/Pk
Sof-Lex Extra Thin 85/BxSof-Lex Extra Thin 85/Bx
Super-Snap 50/BxSuper-Snap 50/Bx
Buy 20 Get 10 Free!
ProGloss RA 12/BxProGloss RA 12/Bx
Buy 20 Get 10 Free!
Valplast Logic Set
CeraGlaze Porcelain Adjusting & Polishing Set RA
Brown Knife-Edge Wheels 100/BxBrown Knife-Edge Wheels 100/Bx
Super-Snap Buff Disks 25/BxSuper-Snap Buff Disks 25/Bx
Alpen Polishers 5/PK
Coltene/Whaledent Alpen Polishers 5/PK
In stock, 20 units
Epitex Strips Reel Refill 10mEpitex Strips Reel Refill 10m
OptraGloss Assortment Kit
Flexible Partial Adjustment Kit

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