VacStation Extraoral Suction

Aegis by Design Ergonomics. The Vacstation Dental Extraoral Suction System is a multi-filtration vacuum unit designed to limit the exposure of aerosols during treatment procedures for dentists and patients. Featuring a H13 level HEPA filtration system, the Vacstation removes 99.97% of all filtered airborne particulates and pathogens (down to 0.3μm size) which decreases the potential spread of infection. The compact system uses a flexible suction tube that can be adjusted for optimal positioning near the patient and a high power, brushless motor that offers powerful suction with minimal noise. 

Standard Features 
  • Mobile, has 2 wheels
  • Provides up to 99.97% filtration at a 0.3µm particle size 
  • Three-stage, H13 level HEPA filtration system 
  • High-fiber cotton filter for aersol capture and moisture drying 
  • Fiberglass filter which captures dust with 99% efficiency 
  • Activated Carbon +KMnO4+Ceramsite filter 
  • Adjustable speed, high-power suction brushless motor 
  • UV light specs – 1210uw/cm2 intensity, and wavelength of 280nm 
  • Wide-mouth suction hood 
  • 5 Additional Primary Cotton Filters 
  • Wired remote controller

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