Ultra Safety Plus Twist XL Handles Reusable

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Septodont - AnestheticsSKU: 328-01N3100

Routine administration of local dental anesthetics – including intraligamentary 

Features & benefits: 
  • Updated, patented locking system that easily secures needle barrel to syringe handle 
  • Sterile, single use, self-aspirating syringe system, specially designed to prevent needle stick injuries 
  • XL needle includes larger bore (lumen) to help reduce back pressure during injections 
  • Reversible first holding position & irreversible final locking position 
  • Transparent barrel allows easy inspection of solution when aspirating 
  • Finger grips on outer protective sheath prevent wet, gloved fingers from slipping when covering the needle for final disposal

Package Contents:

  • 1 Reusable Syringe Handle

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