Tanigo Suction-Mirror 50/Pk

A disposable Suction-Mirror dental tool that combines the Suction, the Mirror and Retraction functions in one device, while enabling the use of only 2 hands and 2 instruments rather than 3, during a dental procedure.

The Suction-Mirror head is designed to be compatible with the existing suction tubes, that after attached to the Tanigo head serve as the Tanigo handle and liquid carrier.

With 8 suction intakes surrounding the 50 degree angled anti fog mirror it assures a continuous clear mirror and less liquid accumulated in the patient's mouth.
  • Effective and less stressful treatment Maximum Suction quality - Upper, lower, and surrounding suction
  • Maximum mirror clarity - anti-fog mirror
  • Safe Treatment – No chance for tongue and buccal tissue injury, due to the light and smooth texture
  • Cost saving – An inexpensive disposable device
  • No need for sterilization
  • Environment friendly – All device parts are made of recyclable materials
  • Made in the USA

50 in a box: 50 bagged Tanigo heads + 50 adaptable suction tubes
In stock (24 units), ready to be shipped

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