Sterisil Inline Cartridge 3i

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Sterisil® Inline Cartridge 3i - (length 6-1/16” X diameter 2”)

The Sterisil Cartridge is engineered to purify and disinfect municipal water connected directly to a dental unit. The Sterisil Cartridge removes source water contaminates, prevents hard water deposits within your dental unit and provides continuous disinfection for dental unit water lines connected to municipal water. Cartridges last up to 1 year depending on municipal water quality and volume of water used.

The Sterisil Cartridge is available in two convenient applications. The Sterisil Valved Cartridge is designed to be installed in a cabinet, and the Sterisil Inline Cartridge is designed to be installed inside the junction box of a dental unit. The Sterisil Cartridge is the convenient and simple solution to dental unit water line treatment for direct plumbed dental units, and the only water line treatment cartridges that are EPA registered to produce dental water with less than or equal to 10 CFU/ml HPC bacteria.

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