STELLAR DC Acrylic 5.85gm White

George Taub ProductsSKU: 187-50-1050

STELLAR DC Acrylic is a revolutionary, dual cure PMMA Pick-up and Conversion acrylic. STELLAR DC Acrylic resin is also great for creating implant verification jigs; welding index jig components (iJig); transfer and insertion guides for implants; open tray or closed tray pick-up impression copings; abutment seating jigs, and overdenture attachment pick-ups. It can be tack cured in 5-8 seconds, fully light cured in 20 seconds, and self cure in 120 seconds. It provides the fastest production time of any acrylic, has NO noticeable shrinkage, has NO polymerization heat, NO tension after cure, and NO need for bonding agent.

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