Acteon Curing Lights

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Acteon Mini LED™ 7.5 mm Opalescent Light Guide enables a reduction of the working surface, but sustains the lamp's power, thus allowing efficient polymerization of composite over 5 mm thick. This tip is ideal for use on substantial stratifications and allows the dentist to work in comfort, thanks to the tip's opalescent surface. It is recommended for Filling over 4 mm thick, Rear brackets, Rear bondings of indirect reconstitutions (inlay cores, etc.), Substantial reconstitutions in general. Compatible with all the devices except the Autofocus. 1250 mW/cm² Light Intensity. 420 to 480 nm Light Spectrum. 7.5 mm Light Tip Size. Available in Opalescent color.
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Product NameActeon Curing Lights

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