Premier X5 Matrix Intro Kit

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Introducing the Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System™ – a complete, high quality, 5-component sectional matrix system designed to achieve accurate Class 2 composite restorations with smooth contours every time.

Premier’s “X” factor is a universal ring made from a proprietary resin material that’s autoclavable up to 5 times. The Premier X5 ring has exceptional strength for optimal separation force and stability to deliver perfect, tight interproximal contacts. Unlike Tofflemire retainers that are difficult to position, leave poor contacts, and cause patient discomfort, the Premier X5 systems is easy to use and is priced at just a fraction of the expensive NiTi ring systems.

There’s never been a better time to make the switch to Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System and save without compromising quality results.
  • Affordable, reusable proprietary resin rings – up to 5 autoclave cycles 
  • Anatomically shaped matrices allows for proper contouring 
  • Designed to deliver perfect tight contacts every time 
  • Cost effective when switching from expensive NiTi ring systems 
  • Rings are compatible with other systems’ wedges and matrices 
  • Easy to use compared to Tofflemire retainers
In stock
25 – 3.5mm Matrix 
25 – 4.5mm Matrix 
25 – 5.5mm Matrix 
25 – 6.5mm Matrix 
25 – Wedge – Small – Yellow 
25 – Wedge – Medium – Green 
25 – Wedge – Large – Blue 
10 – Matrix Ring Universal 
1 – Matrix Pin Holder 1 – Matrix Ring Forceps

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