Premier Universal Primer 5ml

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New Premier Universal Primer, a Dental Advisor ‘Preferred Product,’ is a single-component dental bonding product that increases the retention between restorative substrates and resin dental cements. The primer contains dual coupling agents, 10-MDP and silane methacrylate for increased bond strength to zirconium, alumina, glass-ceramics, metal alloys and composites. 

Features and Benefits: 


  • Ideal retention for zirconia, alumina, metal, glass ceramics + composite materials 
  • Dual coupling agents provides versatility and work with all substrates 
  • Easy to use – just apply, wait 60 seconds, and dry 
  • No pretreatment of restoration required 
  • Can be used with adhesive and self-adhesive resin cement to achieve maximum bond strength for cases that require additional retention (e.g. short and/or over tapered preparations)
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