Polish HD Twist 12/Pk

Itena USASKU: 500-PLTWF-12

When it comes to creating a natural-looking finish on composite restorations, Itena's Polish HD Composite stands out for its superior quality and convenience. This innovative product simplifies the polishing process, delivering superbly polished surfaces with minimal effort and time. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Twist: With Itena's Polish HD Composite, you only need one instrument for all your polishing needs. The medium-grit polisher is suited for effective pre-polishing, while the fine-grit polisher brings out a high shine during the final polish.
  • Quicker Steps: Reduce the traditional four-step process down to only two with Itena's streamlined system. Spend less time per procedure without compromising on quality. 
  • No Polishing Paste Needed: The Polish HD Composite performs optimally without the need for additional polishing paste, thus eliminating another step in your workflow.
  • Single Use Instrument: Each Polish HD Composite polisher is designed for single use, which not only cuts down on cross-contamination risks but also ensures consistent performance with every new case. 
  • Natural looking result
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Product NamePolish HD Composite
ManufacturerItena USA
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