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Perio Restore® Oral Cleansing Gel is a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel formulated to help patients keep periodontal disease at bay in-between each dental visit when used in conjunction with personalized perio treatment trays; such as the Perio Restore customized tray system. Perio 

Restore Oral Cleansing Gel offers: 
1.7% hydrogen peroxide (active ingredient) formulation 
Flexibility for use with a variety of personalized perio treatment trays 
Significant reduction of bacteria with each 10-15 minute application with tray, while providing fresh breath and shade maintenance during treatment 
Low viscosity consistency for easy flow into the sulcus 
Up to 45 full mouth treatments per 3 oz. tube (on average) 
Pleasant mint flavor for better patient compliance 

Perio Restore Oral Cleansing Gel is recommended for patients that: 
Have an inconsistent homecare routine 
Have any stage of gum disease Have extensive restorations such as crowns, bridges, or bonding 
Are at high-risk during medically advanced treatments 

Includes: (1) Case of (6) 3 oz. tubes of Perio Restore Oral Cleansing Gel
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