Optragloss High-Gloss Spiral Wheel Refill 10/Pk

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VivadentSKU: 579-721094AN

OptraGloss consists of the following two components: 

  • Diamond pre-polisher (PP) for the pre polishing of ceramics in the shapes Flame, Cup, and Lens (dark blue) 
  • Diamond high gloss polisher (HP) for the high-gloss polishing of composite resin and ceramic materials in the shape Flame, Cup, Lens, and Spiral Wheel (light blue) 

OptraGloss is a high-quality universal polishing system that is suitable for both composite materials (1-step polishing) and conventional ceramic materials (2- step polishing). The flexible spiral-shaped polishing wheel easily adapts to the complex occlusal contours of the tooth anatomy, enabling efficient occlusal polishing.
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