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OptraDam Plus is based on an innovative, three-dimenional technique to establish a completely dry treatment field. 

Due to its anatomical shape and flexible, three-dimensional design, OptraDam is completely different from conventional rubber dams. As the dam is automatically stretched in an oral direction, an automatic hold of the device in the oral cavity is ensured. 

Broad range of applications: 
  • Direct adhesive restoration of teeth 
  • Indirect adhesive luting (e.g. of crowns or partial crowns) Endodontic treatment 
  • X-rays (without time-consuming removal and re-insertion) 
  • Cosmetic and prophylactic treatment procedures: in-office bleaching, fissure sealing, etc.

Easy application thanks to the integrated frame and pre-printed arch template 

Due to the enhanced flexibility of the plastic rings, OptraDam Plus can be placed more easily in the patient's mouth. The optimized position of the pre-printed arch template ensures that the dam automatically adapts to the sulcus. Isolation in the gingival region is thus improved. Because of the improved elastic resilience of the latex material, contact points can be overcome easily, which facilitates the isolation procedure. 

High patient comfort thanks to the flexible, three-dimensional design 
Due to the enhanced elasticity of the material, the lips and cheeks are even more gently retracted around the circumference of the mouth. Consequently, OptraDam Plus is now even more comfortable to wear even during lengthy procedures. 

Simultaneous isolation of both arches thanks to the tension-free placement 
Its anatomical shape helps to create a considerably larger treatment field. At the same time complete isolation of both arches is achieved.
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Product NameOptraDam Plus
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