Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy w/SmartMode Tech & Foot Pedal

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Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy Package with SmartMode Technology and Foot Pedal allows choice in how you control the speed and power of the prophy cup. Easily adapt to your polishing preference or patient presentation by choosing between SmartMode Technology or the wireless foot pedal. In SmartMode the speed is controlled by gently pressing the cup against the tooth, providing freedom from cords and foot pedals for a pleasant polishing experience. The included foot pedal may be used for those who want more traditional control of the speed of the cup. The Nupro Freedom System is quieter than traditional air driven hygiene or low speed handpieces, and is intended to reduce patient stress. 

This package consists of the inner module, three autoclavable outer sheaths, wireless foot pedal, handpiece cradle, charging base, power supply, operator manual, 200 Nupro Freedom Disposable Prophy Angles and 500 Disposa-Shield polyethelene barriers. Also included* is over $350 SRP worth of accessories to protect the clinician and the patient. Accessories include Nupro Freedom Disposable Prophy Packs, Nupro Extra Care Prophy Paste Cups, Com-Fit Plush Natural Fit Masks, VoloWipes Disinfectant Wipes, Moist Sure Liquid Hand Sanitizer and FlashTips Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips.

The wireless foot pedal operates using Bluetooth wireless radio frequency and is synchronized to work with a particular Nupro Freedom Inner Module positioned within 15 feet.  It is powered via a rechargeable battery which can be charged with the supplied Nupro Freedom Power Supply. The autoclavable outer sheath contains a fluid seal and is designed to comply with CDC guidelines for infection prevention.

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Package includes: 
  • inner module
  • autoclavable outer sheaths 
  • wireless foot pedal 
  • hand-piece cradle 
  • charging base
  • power supply 
  • operator manual 
  • 200 Nupro Freedom Disposable Prophy Angles 
  • 500 Disposa-Shield polyethylene barriers 

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