Mr. Thirsty One Step

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Zirc Dental ProductsSKU: 605-50Z986LG

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Mr. Thirsty is 100% disposable, eliminating any post-procedure processing while saving time, labor, and costs. You can now experience a hands free isolation device that retracts, isolates, and evacuates. The Comfort Kit allows your heavy HVE valve/tubing to stay mounted to the equipment. Its lightweight tubing and flow-control valve makes mr. thirsty more comfortable for the patient by reducing the amount of weight near the mouth.

Product Name Mr. Thirsty
Manufacturer Zirc Dental Products
Dimensions 10 x 10.15 x 10.4
Weight 5.4lb
Rendering loop-subscriptions
Product NameMr. Thirsty
ManufacturerZirc Dental Products
Package Quantity100/Pk
Dimensions10 x 10.15 x 10.4

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