Curing Light LED Power Supply

ActeonSKU: 326-F05205

MiniLED Supercharged gives the greatest power while offering totally safe modes for the tooth and the restoration.
Power of 2000 mW / cm² (with optical guide diameter 7.5 mm) and up to 3000 mW / cm² (with optical guide diameter 5.5 mm), as well as a wide spectrum from 420 to 480 nm
Thanks to the three different modes, the Mini LED ™ SuperCharged lamp gives the flexibility to adapt to different composite materials.
The exclusive heat dissipation system avoids overheating and prevents the risk of pulp damage.

Rendering loop-subscriptions
Ships in 1-2 weeks
Product NameCuring Light LED Power Supply
Dimensions12.25 x 8.4 x 2.15

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