McGowan Denture Trays

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GC America, Inc.SKU: 677-260411

COE Metal Impression Trays have long been the first choice of most schools and dentists worldwide. These GC trays are available in many different sizes, shapes and types including Full or Partial, Solid or Perforated, and Pediatric. When poured and mounted on the articulator, Check Bite Impressions (Bite Registration) produce a pair of contemporary, separable models in true occlusal relationship. 

Nickel-Plated Trays:   
  • Complete Denture 
  • Depressed Anterior 
  • Extra Long Perforated 
  • McGowan-Winkler Full 
  • McGowan-Winkler Immediate 
  • Pedodontic (Orthodontics) 
  • Regular Perforated 
  • Regular Solid 
  • STO-K Perforated
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