Lubrina 2 Maintenance System

J Morita USA, Inc.SKU: 648-24-K325ENG

Lubrina 2 automatically performs maintenance and lubrication of handpieces which are essential for daily practice. Because the lubrication amount and service time suitable for each handpiece are programmed into Lubrina 2, it can automatically perform maintenance of up to four handpieces in a short time. The clean air-blow system facilitates lubrication and purging of the inside of the handpiece thoroughly, providing consistent, quality maintenance that doesn't rely on the experience of staff during manual lubrication. Lubrina 2 accepts multiple brands of spray lubricant. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Cleans one turbine in approximately 20 seconds 
  • Oil usage amount is reduced to 1/4 
  • Faster maintenance with excellent cost savings
Rendering loop-subscriptions
Ships in 1-2 weeks

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