HyFlex Remover 5/Pk

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The HyFlex REMOVER is a single file designed to remove gutta-percha during non-surgical endodontic retreatment. Available pre-sterile in 19mm and 23mm lengths in 1.0mm wire, it is the perfect minimally invasive file to efficiently remove the gutta-percha without the use of additional solvents. Due to its design, non-cutting tip and protocol, HyFlex REMOVER avoids ledges and respects the root canal anatomy. The dentist can follow use of the HyFlex REMOVER with their conventional shaping files, HyFlexEDM or HyFlexCM shaping files. Matching HyFlex Paper Points and HyFlex Gutta-Percha Points are the perfect complementary products to complete the retreatment.

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