GentleCLEAN 30khz Soft-Grip Insert

ParkellSKU: 685-DSG30GC

  • Remove Excess Cement Around Ortho Brackets & Be Kind to Implants! 
  • The GentleClean™ is excellent for implants, orthodontic brackets and cases that require an effective tool, but won’t cause pain or abrasion to restorations. 
  • Use on implants and orthodontic brackets. 
  • Will not scratch Titanium, Zirconia, or teeth. 
  • Removes biofilm plaque and soft calculus from metal and teeth. 
  • Ideal for children and hypersensitive patients. Ideal for patients with braces who have hyperplastic tissue around the brackets due to poor home care. 
  • Won’t damage restoration margins. 
  • Non-abrasive, single-patient disposable tips. 
  • Power: Low - Medium
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