Fujivest Premium Liquid 900mL

GC America, Inc.SKU: 677-890186

GC Fujivest Premium is the only material to allow technicians to select either quick or progressive heating without worrying about expansion control. When it comes to a versatile investment, this product simply outperforms nearly every other material. What makes it a genuine, all-around investment material is the fact that you can now choose between investments, with or without a ring, and an unlimited range of ring sizes. GC Fujivest Premium is also fully compatible with all types of dental alloys, including non-precious metal alloys. It only takes one little step to compensate for variable contradiction of the alloy - dilute with water. Not only does this keep expansion under control, but it also ensures an accurate fit time after time. No amount of precision can make up for mediocre-quality final castings. This is the reason for our reformulated GC Fujivest Premium powder mix in order to lay the groundwork for superior final castings by substantially diminishing surface roughness, especially with non-precious metal alloys.
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