Equipment RamVac Lube Free Compressor 5-7 Users

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Osprey Compressors from RAMVAC!

  • NEW! Simple integrated conversion from standard to high-pressure for milling machines.

  • RAMVAC heads are 100% duty cycle rated and run at 115 PSI maximum operating pressure producing more usable air than any other dental compressor.

  • Dual column desiccant dryer provides 100% continuous supply of the driest cleanest air in the dental industry. While one column is drying, the other is in operation and we make it extremely easy to replace desiccant cartridges right in your office.

  • RAMVAC Compressors have the best warranty in the industry – 6 years/4200hours!

  • Basic or Smart control platforms:

    • Basic controls use a traditional pressure switch and contactor arrangement to control the cycling of the compressor heads.

    • The Smart control platform (or C2 Control) utilizes more modern digital technology with a pressure transducer and solid state relays to control cycling.

  • Osprey Sound Cover reduces decibel level 6-8 dBA!

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