elements IC Obturation Dual System

Kerr EndodonticsSKU: 813-973-0600-TYPEB
Buy 1 Get 2 Buchanan Heat Pluggers, 1 Pulp Canal Sealer, 1 (10pk) of Gutta Percha Free! (Manufacturer Fulfilled)

The cordless elements™ IC Obturation System combines a Downpack heat source with a Backfill extruder. The Downpack device provides fast heating of the heat plugger with precisely controlled temperature and timing, making it suitable for single-motion downpack obturation of the apical portion of the root canal. Utilizing single-use gutta percha cartridges, the ergonomic Backfill device has a motorized extruder system for precise temperature and speed control for a 3-dimensional obturation of the root canal system. Both handpieces are charged using inductive charging technology.

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