Bluephase G4 Light Guide Pin-point 6>2mm Black

VivadentSKU: 579-691264

  • Bluephase® G4 LED Pin-Point Curing Light Guide is a focusing light guide that produces an increased light intensity. It used with the Bluephase® G4 LED Curing Light, and is suitable for spot-on polymerization. Bluephase® G4 LED Curing Light is an intelligent curing light that helps the clinician achieve a more effective polymerization of light-cured dental materials in the wavelength range of 385-515 nm. 
  • Polyvision™ technology cues clinician if they move the curing light probe away from the tooth and increases the curing time to compensate for it 
  • Polywave™ technology provides a broad wavelength spectrum 
  • Suitable for the following materials: restoratives, bonding agents/adhesives, bases, liners, fissure sealants, temporaries and luting materials for brackets and indirect restorations
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