Bluephase G4 100-240V

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Bluephase® G4 is an intelligent LED curing light
thanks to its Polyvision™ technology that helps
clinician ensure a more effective polymerization of
light-cured dental materials. Polyvision alerts the
clinician if they move the curing light probe away
from the tooth while curing and dynamically
increases the curing time to compensate for the
movement. Polyvision is like a vehicle's lane
departure warning system because it helps the
clinician keep the curing light probe focused on
the tooth for more effective polymerization of the
dental material. Bluephase G4 also features
Polywave™ technology, which provides a broad
wavelength spectrum of 385-515nm, which allows
the light to cure all dental materials on the market
  • Slim, ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Reliable curing performance assisted by Polyvision™
  • Polywave™ technology to cure all dental materials
Rendering loop-subscriptions
Ships in 1-2 weeks
1 Bluephase G4 handpiece
1 Bluephase G4 battery
1 light guide 10mm black (G4)
1 charging base
1 power cord
1 power pack
3 anti-glare cones
50 protective sleeves

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