Arti-Spot 2 for Ceramics

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Arti-Spot is a contact colour for testing the accurate fit of crowns, inlays, onlays, telescoping crowns and clasps and the friction surface of debris. Arti-Spot can be applied with a brush. The solvent evaporates in seconds, leaving a thin film 3u thick. Every contact destroys the colour skin exactly at the point of contact. The base material then shines clearly through and high spots can easily be detected.
  • Product Name: Articulating Paper
  • Manufacturer: Bausch Articulating Papers
  • Dispensing System: Sheets
  • Size: X-Thin
  • Color: Red
  • Package Quantity: 15ml
Rendering loop-subscriptions
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Product NameArticulating Paper
ManufacturerBausch Articulating Papers
Dispensing SystemSheets
Package Quantity15ml
Dimensions4.4094 x 1.1024 x .6102

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