Airway Armor Trial Kit 15/Pk

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Zirc Dental ProductsSKU: 605-50Z960TRI

Protect your patient. Airway Armor is used when there's no tooth structure to attach a rubber dam. Airway Armor prevent dental debris from being ingested or aspirated. One time use. Ideal for: tooth extractions, surgical placement and restoration of dental implants, orthodontic procedures, pediatric procedures, cementation of stinaless steel crowns, try-in and cementation procedures of any indirect restoration including porcelain or gold inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, and veneers. Prevents aspiration of fluids or foreign objects during any head/neck surgery. Airway Armor is placed in the back of the mouth, and may be removed when not needed, and placed back in when needed. Floss is tied to the outside for easy removal. Includes 5 of each size - small, medium, large.
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