PerioMed 0.63% 2.75oz x 24/Pk

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PerioMed 0.63% 2.75oz x 24/Pk
  • PerioMed 0.63% Stannous Fluoride Oral Rinse Concentrate is an antimicrobial rinse and an integral part of an effective oral health regimen. When combined with a professional treatment program, PerioMed is an effective aid for those that need help controlling: Gingivitis Tooth decay Dental Hypersensitivity Plaque formationPerioMed incorporates 0.63% stannous fluoride in a pleasant tasting concentrate to provide antimicrobial activity for up to 8 hours. 
  • This concentrate does not contain alcohol and costs about the same as the leading over-the-counter mouthwashes when used as prescribed. The easy-to-use pump-action bottle helps to dispense the right amount and the great taste helps ensure regular, effective at-home use. 
  • The 0.63% stannous fluoride concentrate, when diluted with water, is an ideal excellent solution for limiting the growth of bacteria for protection against tooth decay and gum disease. The satisfying flavor helps assure compliance with the treatment and promotes regular, at-home use.
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