Imprint 4 Preliminary Econo Pack 10 x 50ml

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3MSKU: 516-71539

Imprint™ 4 Preliminary VPS Preliminary Impression Material is ideal for all alginate indications but features easier handling & accuracy compared to alginate products, a fresh mint flavor, an easy to read pink color, and is scannable with chairside & standalone scanners.
• Control of time: Pour when convenient due to long-term dimensional stability; multiple pours are possible for easy remakes of models and provisional.
• Control of procedure: high hydrophilicity for easy model pouring and easy disinfection.
• Control of Impression: Clean and convenient automixing for homogeneous void-free mixing.
• Alginate substitute
Rendering loop-subscriptions
Ships in 1-2 weeks
Product NameImprint Preliminary
Manufacturer3M Espe
Dispensing SystemCartridge
SetSuper Fast Set
PackagingEconomy Kit
Package Quantity50ml x 10
Dimensions5.9055 x 6.5354 x 5.9055

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