Dentapure 365-Day Water Cartridge

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Water treatment cartridge for reducing harmful bacteria in the dental unit waterlines to a level for safe drinking water. Releases a small amount of the germicide, iodine, as the water passes through the cartridge killing any harmful bacteria. Easily installed and provides pure water for an entire year. Eliminates the need to use tablets or mix chemicals and requires no daily, weekly or monthly testing protocols.

Installs onto your unit's existing water bottle pickup tube via included quick-connect fitting. 
  • Can use either tap or distilled water 
  • Change every 365 days, or 240L of water
  • Crosstex reminds you when it is time to replace your cartridge


See how easy it is to install the DentaPure cartridge in your office:

All claims made when used with potable water.

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Product NameDentapure
ManufacturerCrosstex International
Dispensing SystemCartridge
Dimensions8.6 x 5.6 x 1

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