Liberator .02 Taper Procedure Kit

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Miltex InstrumentSKU: 768-012-28050

  • The liberator™ rotary nickel-titanium endodontic files are the result of years of research and development as well as feedback from leading clinicians in the field of endodontics. 
  • The files incorporate a unique straight flute design and manufacturing process that eliminates the traditional helical flutes found on virtually all rotary endodontic files. 
  • Feel the safety and control 
  • The patented design of the non-cutting Roane tip minimizes ledging and transportation while helping to keep liberator files centered in the canal. 
  • Liberator files are designed with straight flutes that will not self-thread, unlike helically fluted files. 
  • As proof, a controlled study measure the incidence of self-threading of the Liberator compared to competitive rotary files as shown here.
Product NameLiberator Files
ManufacturerMiltex Instrument

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