Hemoban Gel Complete Pack

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  • Simpler procedure with no secondary bleeding. Hemoban™ Gel solution quickly stops initial bleeding and, through its gel formulation and unique lubricating effect in the sulcus, allows for simplified packing and removal of retraction cord—reducing the risk of re-occurring bleeding. 
  • Better Placement. Simple syringe delivery and innovative infusor tips make Hemoban™ Gel solution a convenient spreadable non-drip gel that can be precisely placed and remain where placed to further enhance hemostasis. 
  • Easy to Rinse. When rinsing, the patented formula leaves no residue and does not stain teeth or soft tissue, further simplifying the work clinicians perform each day.
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1x 30mL Hemoban Gel syringe, 20x 1.2mL empty syringes, 20x Infusor Tips

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