GENTLEpower Lux 7LP E Contra Angle 2.7:1

KavoSKU: 158-1001.7452

With air/water coolant. Hygienic Plasmatec coating provides an improved grip and better tactile feedback. 1-year warranty on attachment, 5-year warranty on optics. 

 • 2.7:1 reduction 
• KaVo Plasmatec coating 
• Durable LUX 3 glass rod (25,000 lux) 
• Separate internal cooling media 
• Washable in thermal disinfector 
• Sterilizable up to 135°C (275°F) 

GENTLEpower LUX 7 LP gives you reliable fingertip sensitivity. Exactly controlled power for gentle work with a reduction of 2.7:1. This shank too is compatible with the corresponding INTRA LUX heads - for example the prophylaxis heads and the heads for interdental files. Cellular optic. Speed ranges: Air motor – 1850-7500 rpm; electric motor – 740-15,000 rpm.

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