Aquasil Ultra DECA Digit Power Multi 15 x 1.60ml

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Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System – Wash Material with B4, digit power™ Multi Refill-Lt Purple Contains:15 (1.60 ml) digit power™ cartridges wash material, 15 digit power™ mixing tips with intraoral tips, 1 (6 ml) bottle B4® pre-impression surface optimizer, 1 dispensing well and 25 flocked applicator tips Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System is a revolutionary retractionless impression system with digit power dispenser technology. This new, less traumatic way to record impressions doesn’t use retraction cord or paste in most cases. The technique is simple, first use B4 pre-impression surface optimizer to equalize surface tension. Second, just attach the digit power dispenser onto your dental unit and deliver the new Aquasil Ultra cordless tissue managing impression material directly into the sulcus. Finally, seat the tray for a less stressful impression
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ManufacturerDentsply Sirona - Restoratives
Dimensions6.1417 x 7.1654 x 3.3071

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