Imprint 4 Bite Refill Kit

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3MSKU: 516-71529

Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material delivers precise impression results and offers dentists and patients a fast intra-oral setting time, without compromising working time.
• Imprint™ 4 Bite offers accurate bite registrations thanks to its great flow properties and no-slump consistency that does not lock into undercuts or interdental areas.
• It saves time with a short intra-oral setting time of only 60 seconds enhancing patient comfort and reducing inaccuracies.
• Easy to cut, trim and position due to material hardness and low flexibility after setting.
Rendering loop-subscriptions
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Product NameImprint 4 Bite
Manufacturer3M Espe
Dispensing SystemCartridge
Package Quantity50ml x 2
Dimensions4.9 x 4 x 1.9

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