Getting There is the Hardest Part: Tips, Tricks & Techniques Used to Achieve Length




Presenter: Dr. Nudera

There is no doubt that initial canal negotiation is one of the most challenging aspects of root canal treatment; but when the file fails to achieve length, both the treatment outcome and clinical expectations fall short. Understanding why this occurs becomes just as important as understanding how to overcome this challenge. This presentation is designed to help the clinician understand a systematic approach to canal negotiation as well as troubleshooting techniques used to achieve patency and establish predictable working lengths.

Upon completion of this presentation the clinician will have a better understanding of:
1) A systematic approach for achieving length.
2) Why files come up short.
3) 3 troubleshooting protocols used during canal negation.
4) Tips to minimize erratic apex locator reading.
5) How to establish and maintain working length.

Root canal treatment is a compounding treatment process. One step builds upon the next. Initial canal negotiation and establishing proper working length is critical for all other aspect of endodontic treatment as well as a predictive value with respect to overall treatment success. Understanding what it takes to get to length will give the clinician the best chance of establishing a favorable long-term outcome.

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