Anterior Composite Artistry - A Focus on the Class IV Fracture




Presenter: Amanda Seay

This course will illustrate the versatility of using composite to create an invisible Class IV restoration using a naturally shaded composite system. Understanding the fundamentals of color and how to decide when to use different systems will be discussed. Topics to be covered include shade selection, material placement and finishing and polishing. Participants will learn a systematic technique to achieve proper contour, form, texture and achieve a beautiful result.

1. Understanding color, translucency, opacity and how to simplify hue, chroma and value.
2. Learn how to make a fracture line disappear
3. Learn how to layer in a polychromatic approach
4. Learn finishing and polishing steps to create surface texture, satin finish or high gloss
5. Simplify tooth anatomy and contours and the role of transitional line angles.

Anterior compositeCe